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CBD Energy

Global Leaders In Renewable Energy

CBD Energy offers a total renewable energy solution in win, solar and energy efficiency.

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CBD Energy Limited is a renewable energy company providing integrated sustainable solutions for fossil fuel and CO2 emission reduction. CBD provides a total solution in renewable energy, through its diversified activities as renewable energy developer, manufacturer, generator and retailer. Among CBD’s business partners are two of China’s largest renewable energy companies. CBD is headquartered in Sydney and has offices in Melbourne, Stapylton (QLD) and Beijing (China), London and Munich.

Our Mission

Cash Flow Positive
Cash Flow Positive

Develop a portfolio of operating assets in which CBD holds an equity interest and from which it earns ongoing cash flows.


Projects developed should benefit the communities in which CBD operates.


Develop and maintain close relationships with our customers, the communities we serve, our suppliers, partners and local, state and federal governments who are responsible for the regulatory environment in which we operate.

Our Challenge:

To change the energy supply structure

  • To protect our environment and the climate
  • Reduce our dependence on energy imports
  • Stabilise energy prices

Our Task:

To sustainably transform our energy system

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Use more renewable energy sources