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Taralga Wind Farm
109MW build

$280m construction commenced

Solar Systems

Over 17,000 installed

CBD Energy is a global energy company delivering clean, economical and socially responsible energy solutions to its customers.

CBD Energy is a publicly-listed global renewable energy company. We install, own and operate wind and solar generating assets and provide energy efficiency solutions. By offering an alternative to traditional models of power generation and supply, we are assisting our customers to minimise energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint.

We have a senior management team with major energy company experience leading CBD Energy's work in Australia, the United States and United Kingdom. We offer a range of renewable power and energy efficiency options to suit consumers in each of the countries where we operate. Users of the electricity we generate include households, commercial premises and remote communities.

CBD Energy provides opportunities for investors to participate in developing electricity generating assets that are clean, efficient and socially responsible. The wind and solar power generation assets we install are designed to produce electricity for at least 20 years. By taking a portfolio approach of operating across diverse regions, customer segments and power generation technologies, we minimise the risk profile of the investment opportunities we provide.

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As a leader in driving renewable policy in Australia, CBD’s aim is to provide cleaner, economical and more socially responsible power to energy consumers worldwide, whilst creating stable and secure revenue streams for shrewd investors. CBD Energy installs, operates and selectively owns solar and wind power generating assets. We provide energy efficiency solutions to provide customers with their needs while consuming and spending less.

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CBD's headquarters are in Sydney, Australia, and it has offices in London, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and New York, with satellite offices in numerous other locations. Please explore on our interactive map.

Commercial Projects

CBD Energy has constructed numerous commercial projects around the globe. These projects are installations of 20kW + which are applicable to industrial, commercial, schools and agriculture customers.

Residential Projects

CBD Energy has delivered over 15,000 residential solar installations expanding all areas of Australia. Now through its solar subsidiary, Westinghouse Solar it’s looking to further expand on this strong foundation. Each pin only represents one Suburb or Town where numerous solar systems have been installed.

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